Car Accidents Can Be Physically and Financially Devastating

Fight for compensation by hiring a personal injury attorney in the Baton Rouge, LA area

It only takes one accident to turn your life upside down. In one moment, you can go from financially stable to worrying about medical bills and payment of your living expenses. Car injuries can put you out of work, straining your finances. Don't let a car accident bankrupt you - get help from a personal injury attorney.

Dean Esposito was formally licensed by the state of Louisiana as a Property and Casualty Insurance agent, therefore he is well versed and experience with the various coverages offered by automobile insurance companies.

Esposito Law Firm will work hard to get you maximum value for your case. He will obtain and review your medical records, review any and all insurance policies, gather evidence and represent you in court. Call now to make an appointment with a car accident attorney in Baton Rouge, LA and the neighboring parishes.

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What kinds of compensation could you receive?

You shouldn't foot the bill for someone else's negligence. With the help of a personal injury attorney, you could receive compensation for:

  • Medical costs, such as hospital stays or medication
  • Lost wages
  • Used vacation days
  • Pain and suffering for your injuries

Don't try to handle this claim yourself. One small mistake can jeopardize the value of your case. With experience dealing with automobile insurance companies, Dean Esposito is able to
navigate your claim to maximize your compensation. Contact a car accident attorney today to start working on your case.