Did a Domestic Violence Accusation Cause Your Eviction?

Our domestic violence attorney in Baton Rouge, LA can protect your rights

Louisiana courts take domestic violence accusations very seriously. Even simply being accused can result in eviction from your home, loss of use of your vehicle and temporarily restricted custody of your children.

You don't have to go through this difficult process alone. The Esposito Law Firm represents men in all kinds of family law cases in Baton Rouge, LA. We can examine the allegations and determine if there are any legal grounds for the protective order. If not, we can make a case to have the order dissolved.

Protect your rights by hiring a skilled family law attorney today.

We represent clients on both sides

We represent clients on both sides

Are you in a dangerous home environment and fear for your safety? Dean Esposito represents both men and women in family law cases. If you're at risk of physical or sexual abuse, our family law attorney can help you file for an immediate temporary restraining order. He can represent you through the stressful legal process so you can move forward safely.

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